Standing Apart from the Competition

Equipment at CSDI 

Chuck and Dina Denning, Owners of CSDIIf you're tired of working with dirty back room and basement shops that miss deadlines, deliver poor quality, and give new meaning to the word "cheap," then it's time to meet CSDI.

With Embellished Images by CSDI is a USA based, professionally staffed, fully-equipped, quality-controlled, in-house specialty embellisher.

We offer traditional embroidery and silk screening (at exceptional levels of quality, by the way) PLUS:

Making You Look Positively Brilliant

You might think price is all that's important when looking for printed shirts and personalized mugs, but at CSDI we've built our business on making you the hero. We know the challenges you face in impressing your clients, the boss, potential customers, and even the girl next door.

We're experienced in understanding the whole story � what you're project is meant to accomplish, who your purchase is meant to impress, the limitations of your budget and deadline. We can recommend solutions from among our many capabilities, giving you the most economical options for large orders and the most stunning results for one-of-a-kinds (and vice versa)!

Silk screen equipmentSo tell us about your worst printed garment / promotional novelty experience, and we'll open the gates to custom service heaven. Contact CSDI today.

Diverse Clientele

  • CSDI serves small to large businesses, including as an approved vendor for corporate entities.
  • We work with Schools, Sports Teams, and Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Individuals are welcome too. The latest technologies allow for economical small orders and one-of-a-kinds. Make an appointment so we can meet with you.

State-of-the-Art Capability

CSDI constantly invests and re-invests in the latest industry equipment and the training necessary to wed art with science.

We are one of only a few USA based shops to employ the latest in Laser Etching, bringing exciting new ways to unleash your imagination in printed weabables, promotional items, and anything from stone to metal to glass to wood.Warehouse at CSDI

Hands-on Ownership

CSDI owners Dina and Chuck Denning not only contribute to the daily, hands on production and management, they have decades of experience working in the types of businesses they serve.

Dina Denning, President of CSDI, worked for Westinghouse for 17 years before founding her own business.

Chuck Denning is a successful personal coach, as well as having a long history in executive management, risk management, and the trucking industry.

Together, they bring a genuine knowledge of business goals, promotional opportunities, and employee engagement to CSDI. They've built CSDI with Customer Satisfaction as the number one priority, taking great pride in their quality items, super customer service, and extremely high standards. Contact CSDI today! 


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