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Athleisure – Growing in Popularity

When it comes to clothing, consumers want to look good and feel comfortable at the same time.  One type of apparel that’s become quite popular is sports apparel known as “athleisure” clothing.  Technological advances in fabric have helped with this concept and the industry trend is on the rise for this type of everyday wear.

The idea of wearing your workout clothes for typical dress wear may be new to some.  However, take a glance around the grocery store, local coffee shop and gas station where you’ll notice what’s called athleisure style clothing everywhere.

The athleisure look includes a variety of styles and often has some sort of polyester in the fabric.  The reason for poly is because the clothing will hang and drape well, has wicking capability and makes the garment more lightweight.

Popular athleisure styles include:

  • Yoga style pants
  • Light poly jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Jogging pants

These days, athleisure attire is becoming more acceptable at the office, on a date and for weekend activity.  The market is booming with trendy, fresh product lines by Adidas, Nike or Under Armour that come in all styles and colors.  Consumers love choices and athleisure clothing allows them plenty of options.

There are three trends to note when it comes to athleisure products.

  1. Decoration

Embellishing athleisure clothing has become popular.  While the decoration makes the wearables more expensive, people are often willing to pay the increase in price.  Some companies are able to help the mark up because they create clothes and sell directly to decorators and then retail stores.

  1. Quarter-zips

Regardless of the type of clothing, quarter-zips have become most popular style wise.  You’ll notice hoodies, poly-fleece pull overs and even shorts with quarter-zips.  This style is in and seems to be quite versatile.

  1. Bright colors

Not only do consumers want soft, comfortable fabric but they want plentiful color options too.  Bright and bold colors are extremely popular when it comes to the athleisure style.

The athleisure look is quite prevalent and well accepted.  Consumers find these wearables to be comfortable, colorful and attractive.  New styles continue to come on the market and this trend is most likely to be around for quite some time.

Tutorial on Laser Etch

When you want to create a laser-etched t-shirt, this is what you need to have ready.

  1. Choose The Right Material

      It is best for you to choose garments that are made from the right materials. Go with:

  • polyester for a sharp look
  • denim for a slightly bleached look
  • polar fleece gives a textured look

Some thinner materials like what is used to make certain types of running shorts can work. However, it      is important that you do not use 100% cotton or poly/cotton blends for this process.

  1. Give The Company The Right Image File Format

When you have your logo, branding, or designs put together, be sure you have a vector image file              created. It is important to provide the company that is doing laser-etching with the vector file.                      Otherwise, they will not be able to modify the size the way they need to.

Stick with AI, EPS, and PDF formats for your image file.

  1. Pick The Right Colors

With laser-etching, you should go with medium colors and tones. These colors make the etching pop.        Avoid too dark or too light tones to make sure the design is seen once the etching is done. If you are         unsure of the right color schemes, ask the company to give you some suggestions.

Steps the Company Will Need to Take

Once you decide on the right material and provide the vector image to the company, they will take it           from there. They have different steps they will take to ensure that the laser-etching turns out the way         you want.

              *  Edit The Color Of the Image

Laser-etching creates a tone-on-tone effect, which means that the image will need to be changed               to all one color. When they do this, it will tell the laser software where it needs to do the etching.

             *  Test the Material Before Etching the Design

They will need to test the material of the garments that you are bringing them to ensure that the                   laser-etching will work properly. It is better that they do a small test to make sure the garments will            not be ruined.

Laser-etching is a great option, especially for sports teams that want a specific design on their uniform. Plenty of other companies use this type of printing to create the designs they desire.