Performance Apparel is Growing Quickly

Performance apparel is huge in the garment industry these days!  In fact, it is one of the fastest growing facets of the industry.  Performance apparel is clothing that performs a purpose.  What a novel idea!

Athletes need apparel that will help them wick the sweat off of them as they compete, perform and train. This type of clothing will ensure better comfort and give them the ability to stay more cool when it comes to long or short term physical activity.

A Few Options for Performance Apparel:

1. What is performance apparel made of?
Polyester plastic is used in performance apparel.  Basically, this clothing has the same material that you find in plastic bottles.  (Yes, as in your bottled Coke!)

2. Can you still print on polyester plastic?
Traditional screen printing is not a good choice for embellishing polyester. However, you can still decorate and ornament polyester plastic.  How?  Be sure you go with something like embroidery or vinyl.  You’ll find these are common ways to embellish this type of fabric.

Occasionally, you find that products that are embroidered will pucker up.  Don’t let this deter you.  A seasoned embroiderer should be able to handle this problem.

3. Other options?
Another option is that you can use laser etching.  The way this option works is that a light beam will peel layers back to allow for permanent markings.  You’ll find this is similar to a tattoo type effect and the water wicking capabilities will be retained.

Screen printing is ok but you’ll find that it messes up the water wicking shirt’s breathability.  No one wants to be soaked in sweat.  It’s best to avoid screen printing for performance apparel, although you do see those products out there.

Performance apparel product lines are on the rise!  There are many options out there but the products that stick with water wicking capabilities are far more popular.

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